COVID-19 – Our New Office Normal

We are happy to once again be open for regular business after being mandated to close due to COVID-19 on March 16, 2020.  


As you may be aware, all dental offices were mandated to close for all routine appointments by the Pennsylvania Department of Health as of 3/16/20 because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  This pandemic has changed our world and new measures need to be taken everywhere to assure the safest and most healthy environment possible.  With this in mind, our dental office wanted to assure you that we are doing everything and more to have our office be as safe as possible for our patients and our staff.

Our office has always followed infection control recommendations made by the American Dental Association (ADA), the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).  We continually follow the activities of these agencies so that we are up-to-date on any new rulings or guidance that may be issued with specific reference to COVID-19.

You will see some changes at your next appointment to help protect our patients and staff:

  • Taking the temperature of each patient and staff member as they enter the building, as well as asking everyone to use hand sanitizer. There are several hand sanitizer stations in our lobby and throughout our office.
  • Staff may wear additional protective equipment as required such as gowns, face shields, and higher protective masks.
  • There will be less seating in the lobby area to keep patients at a safer distance apart. It is therefore recommended that only patients come to the appointments.  If a caregiver is necessary, we can offer assistance for the patient, and then the caregiver can remain in their car until the patient is done.  For parents with children, it would be preferred, if possible, that only the child and parent with appointments come in.
  • If patients wish to wait in their vehicles until their appointment time to allow proper social distancing, we will come to retrieve the patient when we are ready. Just call our office at 717-338-9905 and let us know that you are waiting outside.
  • Protective windows have been added at check-in and check-out to protect our patients and staff.
  • Phone screening of patients will be done before each appointment, and again at appointment time, to ensure no COVID-19 symptoms. If you have any symptoms such as fever, shortness of breath, cough, recent loss of taste/smell, or travel outside the area in the last two weeks (especially to COVID hotspots), we ask that you reschedule your appointment.
  • Each patient will do an anti-microbial mouth rinse at the beginning of each appointment.
  • Magazines, books and toys have been temporarily removed as we aren’t able to disinfect these properly.
  • We are scheduling appointments far enough apart to minimize possible contact with other patients. If you previously scheduled a hygiene appointment several months ago, we may change/delay your appointment time by 10-30 minutes to give us more time to properly disinfect between patients.  We will notify you of this change by phone or a reminder card.
  • If patients have emergencies but also have COVID-19 symptoms, they will NOT be seen by our office and will be immediately referred to the hospital or an appropriate emergency doctor for treatment.

We are making every effort to continue to serve our patients to the best of our abilities and to keep everyone safe, staff included.

If you had an appointment that was cancelled while our office was mandated to close for the pandemic, we will be contacting you shortly to reschedule it. Please also feel free to call our office directly to reschedule your outstanding appointments. We appreciate your patience during this time.

We have missed our patients and look forward to seeing your smiling faces again real soon.  Please stay healthy and safe!