Cosmetic Dentistry Before and After Pictures

The following are a couple of examples of patients seeking cosmetic treatment with our office.

A straight tooth is a healthy tooth. We limit our orthodontic treatment to minor tooth movements. Over time, this patient noticed his lower front teeth had started to twist and overlap. After about 6 months in braces, we were able to reposition his lower anteriors. The key to orthodontics, especially in adults, is using a retainer for an extended period after the braces are removed. We fabricated a retainer which this patient continues to wear nightly.

Every patient is important. Not every case will be a full mouth reconstruction.   This patient was not happy that an old crown that was discolored and misshaped.  

A single crown may be all that a patient needs to regain their smile and confidence.

Medical conditions can affect the health and development of the enamel.  This gentleman had to deal with chronic nausea and acid reflux. both of which eroded away his natural tooth structure.  

Once he was able to get his medical condition under control, we had to deal with the damage.  We started with reestablishing his normal lip posture and bite.  Initially he only was able to bite on two teeth due to the extent of the damage. The goal was more important than a great smile. Success was measured by his ability to bite into a sandwich and chew comfortably.   

We achieved all of our goals and made the man happy.

I always share with patients that even the best dental work does not last forever.  The better you take care of yourself, the longer the dental work will last.  

Eventually this patient’s dentistry failed after 30 years.  After we removed the existing failed crowns, we placed a long term acrylic temporary.  This gave the patient an opportunity to evaluate her new smile and bite.  Ultimately she liked portion and shape of the temporary and we restored her new smile with all porcelain crowns. She is free of decay and loves the fact that her teeth are smooth and her smile looks great.  

This 62 year old man had worn his teeth down to about half their original size. The combination of diet and stress associated with grinding led to generalized cold sensitivity and soft tissue trauma from his sharp teeth. After years of smoothing off sharp edges and placing fillings, he requested our office to fix his teeth so that he could start enjoying eating without pain.

After his initial consultation, we proceeded to rebuild his smile and bite with a combination of gold and porcelain crowns.  He was more than excited to take his wife out for a good steak dinner.